Online Forms

For Building And Customizing Forms

Form Templates
Prefer to express route to building a simple form? Select a fully-built template from our library and customize from there.

Quick Forms
Chunk out your form building by selecting families of fields (such as contact information, name, etc.) and dropping them on to your canvas.

Drag and Drop
Building from scratch? Drag the fields you want on to your canvas. Drag them up or down into the appropriate position as you build.

All the Field Types You Need
Keep your form basic with simple input boxes or get fancy with Likert Scales, Date Pickers, Tabbed Sections and more. Allow your users to upload files to share with you. We have everything you need.

No Limitation on Form Size
These forms are dynamic and flowing. Make them as long as you need to.

Customizable Fields
Name your fields. Add labels and instructions. Make them required or not. Do it all in one easy place.

Customizable Forms
Style your whole form. Choose the font type, color and size. Choose the background color, form name and more. Add your logo, a Captcha form, a confirmation message, a privacy policy link and a terms and conditions link. It’s up to you.


For Managing Forms

Preview. Save. Publish.
Check out your form before you publish it. Then unpublish it with one easy click when it’s no longer needed.

Add. Edit. Delete.
Create the new forms you need. Edit those you have. Delete the ones you don’t need.

You Determine Where Your Form Is Used.
No need to worry about moving your forms around. We host them right here. Simply send your customers to the link provided or copy the embed code and paste into in your website for a seamless customer experience.


For Managing Data

Be Alerted to New Activity

The most recent responses will always appear on your account dashboard.  You may also choose to receive email and/or text notifications when new responses are submitted.

Find the Data You’re Looking For
Filter data by form name, date submitted or by searchable keyword to find the responses you need. Sort data by first or last name, email, form name or response date. Delete responses you don’t wish to keep. Store the rest in your account.

View Responses or Download Them to a PDF File Format
All responses may be viewed.  Certain account types also offer the ability to download responses in PDF file format.  PDF downloads may also be added to lower-priced paid accounts as an a la carte option.


For Managing Accounts

Manage Your Account Info
Update your password, address, billing info and more. Easily change your account plan. Cancel at anytime.

Billing History
Make accounting easy by accessing all of the transactions in your billing history.