Got a Question? We’ve Got Answers.


Q: Where are my forms hosted? Where are my responses stored?

A: We host your forms here. Each account is offered a certain amount of space to store forms and response data.

Q: What if I get close to my storage limit?

A: If you find you’re getting close to that limit, no problem! You can simply purchase more storage space.

Q: What if I want to add my form to my website?

A: No problem. On your Account Dashboard page, locate the form and click on the “Embed” button. Copy that HTML and paste it into your web page and publish. The data submitted through that form will still be sent to your account even if the user accesses it via your website.

Q: What do you mean by secure?

A: To protect both the site and sensitive data, our site uses current Internet security protocols such as SSL Architecture and SSL Certification built in with the expectation of having a secure framework and protocol implementation. While site breeches cannot be guaranteed (this is the case for all secure sites on the Internet), our protocols minimize risk from attacks.

The above elements provide for encrypted transmission of data from your form to a password-protected hosting server where data may be accessed using an account holder’s login credentials. To increase security, we encourage account holders to keep their login credentials secret and to change their passwords often.

Q: Can I brand my forms?

A: Yes! You’re free to add your logo and select the color scheme and fonts that most closely match your brand guidelines.

Q: What if I want to change my plan or cancel service?

A: Subscribers may change or cancel their plans at any time. Payments are due on the first day of the monthly or annual billing period. Plan changes (including cancellations) take effect on the first day of the next monthly or annual billing period.

Q: Can I download responses to my forms?

A: Plan holders who have purchased this service are able to download individual responses as PDF files.

Q: If I buy an annual plan will I save money?

A: Yes! Annual plan subscribers receive two months of service for free.

Q: What if I have a technical problem using your site?

A: If you experience technical difficulties of any kind, simply send us a message through our contact form. Describe the problem you are having in detail (including what steps you took in the site leading up to the problem, what you expected to happen, what actually happened, and information about how often this problem occurs). Please also include information about what web browser you were using at the time.